Analysis of Common Baby Mattresses


Analysis of common baby mattresses: 1. Latex mattress L […]

Analysis of common baby mattresses:

1. Latex mattress

Latex mattress is one of the most popular baby mattresses recently. Their natural anti-allergic and breathable latex has attracted people's attention and replaced the sponge mattress that was once snapped up. The latex mattress uses anti-mite knitted fabric, natural antibacterial, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and has the effect of preventing babies from causing diseases. At the same time, the latex mattress can be cleaned, removed and washed, and can be washed to solve the problems of baby spitting, bedwetting, washing, washing, etc. Keep the mattress dry for a long time, and create a good sleeping environment for the baby. But the latex mattress is very soft and it is not easy for the baby to turn over.

2. Sponge mattress

The main raw material of sponge mattress is sponge. Light weight and soft texture. Babies are very active, which makes the mattress deformable and has low durability. However, the deformation of the mattress can easily cause the deformation of the baby's spine, and even cause the baby's bones to develop poorly.

3. Spring mattress

Spring mattresses are more breathable and durable, but have relatively poor hygroscopicity. Babies are easy to use the bed. Babies with poor hygroscopicity can easily make the mattress moist and moldy, causing the baby to be infected with bacteria. The spring mattress is soft and hard. The degree is not fixed and the baby has difficulty adapting, so the baby should not use a spring mattress.

4. Palm mattress

The Palm mattress is an all-brown mattress with good toughness. It is located between the hard bed of the mattress and the spring cushion. It has moderate hardness, not easy to sink, insects, mold, etc. It can keep the mattress dry for a long time. In the case of latex mattresses, it is not removable and easy to use. However, it has the absolute advantages of hardness and medium hardness. It is suitable for the development of the baby's bones, keeping the baby's spine and other direct development, and not easy to deform.

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