Advantages and Disadvantages of Knitted Mattress Fabric


Recently, many friends asked about the mattress fabric. […]

Recently, many friends asked about the mattress fabric. They asked more about the differences between knitted cotton, all-cotton and pure cotton. Which is better to use in the mattress? Indeed, as the mattress fabric that directly contacts our skin, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, especially the friends with sensitive skin should pay more attention to the choice.

Today we are going to focus on the mattress made of knitted fabric. If you are interested, you can have a look.

Knitted cotton is a kind of fabric formed by bending yarns into loops with knitting needles and sleeving each other in series. It has good elasticity, moisture absorption, ventilation, comfort and warmth retention, and is the most widely used fabric for children's wear. Knitted cotton also has many classifications. Generally, knitted apparel fabrics in the market are divided into two types according to the mode of production: one is called warp deviation and the other is called weft deviation.


In terms of fabric, it is woven by machine. Compared with other fabrics, knitted cotton has better elasticity, softer hand feeling and very breathable fabric. There are many patterns and varieties, which are easy to clean and not easy to generate static electricity.


The only bad thing about knitted cotton is that the fabric is easy to dye. In addition, although the elasticity of knitted cotton is very good, it is also easy to change, so attention should be paid to its maintenance at ordinary times.


As a mattress fabric, knitted cotton generally has a cotton content of about 80%, is soft and skin-friendly, has good air permeability, heat dissipation and moisture dissipation, is relatively strong and wear-resistant, and has strong antibacterial property after being treated with infrared ray technology to prevent mites. Therefore, most of our common mattresses basically use this material as fabric.

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