A Good Mattress Fabric Helps Improve Sleep


Before going to work, the pedestrians on the road rushe […]

Before going to work, the pedestrians on the road rushed over, some of the spirit, and some have a weak dark circles, I guess half of these people like to stay up late. People like to stay up late because they lack personal time during the day or when studying or working. Every night, or staying up together, drinking, or watching Weibo one by one, everything here sounds more attractive than going to bed early and getting up early.

According to the "2018 China Sleep Index Report": 90% accounted for 33.3% of sleep in "irritable areas", 29.6% of sleep in "painful areas", 12.2% of sleep in "insomnia areas", and only 5.1% sleep in green sweet areas The index is 66.26, which shows "need to turn around and turn to sleep".

In fact, everyone knows that sleep is very important to us. Every day, the human brain produces metabolic waste during neural activity. Although it can be removed during awake, it is faster in the sleep state than in the awake state. 2 times, when you fall asleep, your brain cells will shrink by 60%, making the brain's waste cleaning system, gelatinous lymphatic system, making it easier to "pour garbage" from the source. But if you don’t take a good night’s rest, you will accumulate too much metabolic waste, which may lead to nerve disorders, which will have a great impact on your life.

William James said: "If the bicycle chain is too tight, it will prevent smooth rotation, and the human heart will be the same."

If you do not take a good rest during the break, but continue to consume and empty yourself, it is to lose happiness, lose confidence in the world, and feel that everyone is aiming at such a self, leading to some diseases. appear. This approach not only reflects your childishness, but also seriously affects your physical and mental health.

In fact, life is alive, only a few people escape, eat and drink. Sleeping like eating well is respect and responsibility for life. If you can't even do the basic operations of life, how can you work hard and study, and live happily with family and friends.

Therefore, in general, no matter what happens, it is time to go to bed, put down the phone, put down the things at hand, and go to bed. This is the basic guarantee of our quality life and the source of life the next day.

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