A Baby Latex Pillow That Can Breathe


The baby's skin is very delicate and the mother will al […]

The baby's skin is very delicate and the mother will always want the best for the baby. The cashmere-like touch of seaweed fiber, strong antibacterial properties, and breathability will make every mother feel at ease.

Baby has a strong metabolism and is active and active. It will easily sweat, induce eczema, catch colds, and breed germs. These are all issues that my mother is very worried about. The sleep time of a 0-1 year old baby will account for 60% to 70% of the day. When the baby is more than three months old, it is necessary to consider the need to use a pillow. Therefore, the comfort and antibacterial properties of the pillow are very important.

The dazzling array of pillows in the world is dazzling. But, did you know? Pillows made of seaweed fiber can breathe. When the environment is humid, it will become hydrogel after absorbing moisture, and will not return to moisture. And it has high oxygen permeability. Let every baby sleep more comfortably and mothers more at ease.

Xiaoshan Rongli, as the manufacturer of baby fabric, is dedicated to escorting more babies' sleep.

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