The Precautions for the Use of Knitted Mattress Fabric


Sleep is the foundation of health. Many people say that […]

Sleep is the foundation of health. Many people say that if you want to sleep well, you have to have a good bed. In fact, having a good bed is not as important as having a good imported mattress. A good mattress can effectively improve the quality of sleep. However, in order to have a more comfortable sleep, we also need to pay attention to some related matters in the process of use. So, do you know what to pay attention to when using imported mattresses? The following Rongli Cloth introduces you to some mattresses.

1.Before use, please remove the outer packaging of the mattress, keep it ventilated and breathable, in order to disperse some smell on the packaging;

2. Before using the mattress, please choose a suitable bed to ensure that the mattress is provided with some good support. Can not be placed in a hanging position to prevent deformation of the mattress caused by long-term use.

3. In order to avoid excessive pressure on the local load of the mattress, it is best to spring, summer, autumn and winter all year round, on average every three months, the mattress is turned upside down or back and forth once, so that the force of each part is even, Maintain a balanced balance of mattress elasticity.

4. Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time, do not let the mattress partially stressed too much, do not stand on the mattress for a long time or let the child jump on the mattress to avoid local deformation caused by fatigue deformation, affecting the elasticity.

5. In addition to the use of bed sheets, should be put on the mattress cover to avoid soiling the mattress, or choose a mattress cover, in order to remove and wash, and regularly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner to keep the mattress clean, make it more Comfortable and durable.

The above is the precautions for the use of knitted mattress fabric. The mattress is the longest contact with the human body every day. If we can pay attention to these matters, we can play it well and give you a more comfortable sleep.

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