Rongli Cloth Give You Some Tips on Choosing Woven Mattress Fabric


The woven mattress fabric has always been in a low-key […]

The woven mattress fabric has always been in a low-key image in the bedroom, but in fact, the quality of your sleep depends directly on it, and sleep is a necessity for life. In a person's life, he spends at least 1/3 of his time in bed. Sleeping is important for everyone's physical and mental health. It is a matter for every consumer to enjoy the health brought by good sleep.

1, good support

The body curve fits the mattress and the parts are well supported for a complete sense of relaxation. In particular, the degree of fit of the waist line can be examined.

2, suitable hardness

Mainly according to your weight and habits, choose softness and avoid the body into too soft bed and too straight hard bed.

In general, people who are physically fit and accustomed to lying down are suitable for a hard bed, and those who are light and habitual are suitable for a soft bed. But the soft and hard things mentioned here are all under the premise of ensuring good support.

3, flexibility

The better the elasticity, the better the ability to disperse body pressure. The quick rebound and slow rebound of the material will bring a different feeling.

4, breathability

It can quickly dissipate the water and heat generated by the human body. The ideal state is to sleep in winter and cool in summer.

The body's perspiration behavior is very active during sleep. Almost every night, about one and a half times of sweat “pours” in underwear and bed, so the breathability of the mattress is also critical.

5, durability

It is not easy to produce deformation and dent after a period of use, and it is a long-lived mattress that can maintain its original function.

6, personal comfort experience

Of course, to say that a thousand and ten thousand, a mattress still has to be lying on the test and feel comfortable is the king. When you are lying down, you need to experience at least five minutes and test the three postures of lying down, side lying and sleeping.

In addition to the above six skills, the most important thing is to choose the mattress must choose the material to rest assured, suitable for your own. If you would like information on mattress fabrics, you can click here: knitted mattress fabric.

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