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What are the mattress fabrics and the characteristics o […]

What are the mattress fabrics and the characteristics of different fabrics; nowadays people pay great attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for clothing, food, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher. Take the mattress, the most important thing for consumers when buying a mattress is whether the fabric of the mattress is environmentally friendly. What are the mattress fabrics?

What are the mattress fabrics: there are many kinds of mattress fabrics, mainly on the market: knitted fabrics, water spray cloth, jacquard cloth, washed cloth, Fuchunfang, corduroy, denim, Nisifang, Paoli , warp knitting, Hua Yao and so on.

The distinction between mattress fabrics: mattresses of different gears, the fabric used is also different. The fabrics of ordinary mattresses are warp-knitted, flowery, and some are water-sprayed cloth. The better ones are jacquard cloths. The better ones are brocade cloths, satin cloths, and good ones are high-grade imported knitted fabrics. There are even cashmere, and there are 3D fabrics that are now at the peak of the times. In fact, in addition to the fabric itself, even the same fabric has a difference.

Knitted fabric mattress is better, knitted fabric has better elasticity, moisture absorption and ventilation, comfortable and warm, good fabric, good reputation, variety, appearance, mute anti-interference, breathable moisture, anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, Real green health. Can be used with confidence. Knitted fabric mattresses are recommended. Knitted fabrics are fabrics formed by bending the yarn into loops and splicing them together. Knitted fabrics differ from embossed fabrics in the form of the yarn in the fabric.

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