How to Properly Maintain Your Mattress?


How to properly maintain your mattress? Have you consid […]

How to properly maintain your mattress?

Have you considered that the mattress also needs maintenance? The purchase of the mattress is a matter of learning. The use of a suitable mattress after returning should also be taken seriously. Properly maintained mattresses not only extend the life of the mattress, but also reduce bacterial growth and improve sleep quality.

So how to maintain a home mattress? Below we will tell in three ways.

1) Mattress Protector

Accidents happen and the best way to prevent damage is to always make your bed with a mattress protector. The Futon Shop offers a few protectors. The bamboo mattress protector perfectly fits any size mattress and custom sized mattress with an added sturdy elastic strap. Not only does this protect your mattress from spills, but bamboo is a natural anti-microbial. So the protector protects your from spills and exposure to allergens.

2) Flip Your Mattress

It is important to flip your mattress regularly. In fact, the first few months your receive a mattress from any company it is a good idea to flip your mattress every time you wash your sheets: head to toe, right to left. After a couple months of sleeping on your mattress, flip your mattress quarterly. There are two way to flip your mattress. The first one is the more efficient one. Flip the whole mattress. The second way is to flip your mattress in half like a taco. With any mattress moisture from the air and your body absorb into the mattress and by flipping your mattress, you are releasing moisture.

3) Air Out Your Mattress

If possible, a great way to release moisture from your wool mattress or any mattress with cotton or wool is opening a bedroom window on a hot sunny day. Even more efficient is to bring it outside and air out on a hot sunny day. Do this and it is amazing to see within just a short few hours your mattress fluffing up. If you do this, your mattress releases moisture, odors,and extends years to your mattress.

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