How to choose a newborn pillow?


Pillows are bedding that must be practical when people […]

Pillows are bedding that must be practical when people sleep. So choosing a suitable pillow is a must for everyone. So for the newborn, how should the pillow be chosen? After medical identification, choosing a pillow for your baby is very particular. The baby's pillow is seriously related to his growth and development, as well as its safety and health issues. So this is something we can't ignore.

There have been survey data showing that infants and young children in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have caused many injuries due to improper use of pillows. Improper use of the pillow causes the neonatal head to deform, and there will be a flat, pointed phenomenon, which is as high as 80%, and thus causes nearly 60% of sleep disorders.

No matter what happens, it will directly affect your baby's intellectual development and height and weight. There may also be complications such as poor breathing, snoring, night terrors, sweating, and eczema, all of which are caused by incorrect pillows.

When the baby is half a year old, it is a critical period for head development. If you can't properly care for your baby's head, it will have a great impact on your baby's blood circulation, which is not conducive to your baby's development. So choosing a good pillow not only protects your baby's cervical spine, but also allows the baby's head to be shaped. So which kind of pillow is good?

The baby pillow has a very good protection for the baby's head and neck, because the bones of the newborn are soft and the neck is straight. If the pillow is used, there will be a certain pressure on the baby's cervical vertebra. A concave nest is very suitable for the baby to use, it can also effectively prevent the baby from turning left and right, and there is no pressure on the baby's cervical vertebra. It is more conducive to the baby's growth and development and blood circulation in the head. However, the main reason for the baby's pillow is to prevent the baby's head from happening. It is made from a specially shaped sponge that provides a full range of support for your baby.

Sleep is related to your baby's health. If you want your baby to sleep well, you must choose the right pillow. If you want to find out more, click here:pillowcase sample.


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