Don't Let Your Mattress Become A Safe Haven For Germs


The mattress can be said to be a breeding ground for ba […]

The mattress can be said to be a breeding ground for bacteria. sweat from our sleep will seep into the mattress through the thin sheets, and hair and dandruff will fall on the mattress along the gaps in the sheets. If the mattress is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause skin diseases such as itching, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria, etc. Today's mini - editor will introduce you to how to clean your mattress and keep it clean.

First, regular dust collection

Do a regular vacuuming of the mattress to prevent dirt from forming after the mattress is wet.

Second, small stains on the mattress should be handled in time

1. Remove blood stains+

Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. When hydrogen peroxide is foaming, dip it in a clean, white, dry cloth.

2. Remove mold spots

A sunbathing. The formation of mold spots is mainly due to excessive humidity. Take the mattress outdoors to dry on a sunny day and wipe off the remaining mold spots. But remember, if it is a latex mattress, avoid exposure to strong light.

3. Remove stains caused by colored drinks

The use of citrus cleaner or vinegar can reduce the degree of stains. Most beverage stains can be dissolved in medical alcohol, but alcohol can also spread stains, so use a cloth with good water absorption to wipe stains instead of pouring alcohol directly. When using the above cleanser, be careful not to spray it into your eyes and skin.

Third, pay special attention to

1. When the mattress has small mildew spots, it is best to clean it with a vacuum cleaner and then get it outdoors to remove mold. If there is a large area of mildew, it is time to replace the new mattress. Of course, the moldy mattress has something to do with the material of the mattress itself. If a mattress is sufficiently breathable and environmentally friendly, the chances of mold on the mattress will be very low. Therefore, choosing a healthy and environment-friendly mattress is the decisive factor to eliminate these trivial matters in the later period.

2. Many people ignore the problem when using the mattress for the first time: the plastic packaging film on the surface has not been removed. In fact, this is wrong. Because removing the packing bag can ventilate the inside of the mattress, keep it dry and avoid moisture. After removing the packaging film, the mattress can be covered with a cleaning pad or a bed hat so as to ensure its long-term dryness and cleanness.

3. When it comes to bed sheets, be sure to buy something easy to absorb sweat. When using, do not tighten the bed sheets and mattresses, so as to avoid blocking the ventilation holes of the mattresses, causing the air in the mattresses to be unable to circulate and breeding germs. If you accidentally knock over other beverages such as tea or coffee on the bed, you should immediately suck it dry with a towel or toilet paper under heavy pressure and then blow it dry with a hair dryer. When the mattress is accidentally contaminated with dirt, it can be washed with soap and clear water. Do not use strong acid and alkaline detergents to avoid fading and damage to the mattress.

4. The mattress should be turned over regularly. In the first year, the mattress is turned over every two to three months, including the front and back sides, the left and right sides, so that the springs of the mattress can bear the same force and prolong its service life. After the second year, the frequency can be slightly reduced, and it is enough to turn it over once every six months.

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