Do You Know The Combination Of Pillowcase Samples And Home Style?


Matching the pillowcase sample with the home style not […]

Matching the pillowcase sample with the home style not only makes the home decoration look more harmonious, but also has a texture, but also enhances the family's life happiness. Rongli offers some tips on how to choose pillowcase samples. Let's learn common styles.

1. The color of the pillowcase sample varies from person to person. The dark patterned pillowcase is luxurious and suitable for decorating luxury homes. Colorful cushions in a modern style room. Warm pillowcases are suitable for the elderly. The cool pillowcase is mainly for young people, and the cartoon pillowcase is very popular among children.

2. The pattern of the pillowcase sample can be varied in a variety of ways, or even a separate fabric color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire living room environment.

3.If there is a large area of white, there will be a lack of jumping in the air. At this time, the color of the pillowcase sample should not be too bright, dark blue, dark green and blush are more suitable.

With these little knowledge, I believe that everyone will be more convenient in shopping choices. Go to action, buy your favorite pillowcase and arrange your own warm nest!

Matching the pillowcase sample to the home style enhances the sense of well-being and quality.Let's take a look at some of the common styles of Rongli's pillowcase samples.

1. English pastoral style creates an elegant atmosphere, especially the romantic atmosphere created by floral pillowcases. Create an English-style living room, make pillowcases with floral fabrics, and make the living room full of English countryside.

2. Pop art style, extremely saturated colors, so you can use pillowcases such as bright yellow, orange red, peacock blue.

3. Moroccan style, you can use the classic Persian spiral pillowcase to create an exotic style.

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