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Unlike ordinary mattresses, multi-functional mattresses […]

Unlike ordinary mattresses, multi-functional mattresses generally have functions such as folding, health care, and care.Function mattress fabrics are constantly being innovated and advanced, giving consumers a once-in-a-lifetime surprise.

Multifunctional mattress intelligent electric

The intelligent electric lifting bed can realize the free lifting function, adjust the sleeping position, and fit the body while reading and playing in the mattress. The electric mattress in the picture is made of knitted fabric and is treated with anti-mite by infrared technology. The inside of the mattress is a 7-part massage natural latex mattress with high flexibility.

Multifunctional mattress

From the discovery of cockroaches to the use of health care, it has only a few decades of history. However, because of its antioxidant function and ability to improve human immunity, it has not only been applied to medical care, but also applied to mattresses. The meteorite mattress consists of sepals. There are hundreds to thousands of differences on a mattress. Old people, children, babies, and people who cannot properly adjust the temperature should use it with caution. Otherwise, it may cause high temperature burns or electric shock. Risk of fire, etc.

Multi-function mattress folding

Folding mattresses come in a variety of materials, usually made of latex, eco-cotton, 3D materials, sponges and palms. Different material properties are different and the price difference is obvious. Among them, latex, environmentally friendly cotton and 3D materials are usually used to make high-grade folding mattresses; sponges and palms are often used for economical low-grade folding mattresses because they are not environmentally friendly and are prone to mildew.

Multifunctional mattress care

Finally, we are going to introduce nursing mattresses, but the common mattresses for nursing are the anti-decubitus mattresses on the market. However, this is not the case with Xiaobian, but it is specially used for cleaning mattresses for patients with long-term bedridden. The multifunctional nursing mattress is characterized in that a cushion having a size and a shape corresponding to the toilet box is provided in the middle of the mattress, and a pit corresponding to the size and shape of the pit is also covered with the mattress cloth for a long time. Bedridden patients have very convenient urination and genital cleansing.

To sum up:

The above is the function of various multifunctional mattresses introduced by me. The multifunctional mattresses for different people are different. When you buy, you can choose the one that suits you.

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