A Quality Sandwich Fabric For A More Comfortable Sleep


Nowadays, the mattresses of sandwich fabric on the mark […]

Nowadays, the mattresses of sandwich fabric on the market are being crammed, so how do we choose to buy them? What aspects do we need to consider whether it is a good quality suitable sandwich mattress fabric?

1. Breathability: One third of a person's life is spent in bed, and a lot of sweat is discharged during sleep. Some of them will penetrate into the mattress. If the mattress is not breathable, the sweat will precipitate into the mattress to breed aphids and bacteria, which may lead to skin allergies, respiratory infections, and serious rust and deformation of the spring inside the mattress. Causes deformation of the spine. 3D mattresses pay special attention to breathability. Its fully washable 3D mattress not only can be washed directly with water to ensure the cleanliness of the mattress, but also ensures that the mattress is permanently breathable and dry.

2. Environmental protection: the environmental performance of the mattress is very important, because the mattress is in close contact with us every night, if the mattress you sleep will also emit harmful gas, and you are inhaled into the body, it will cause various symptoms for a long time. , various organ dysfunction. The powerful breathable and washable features of the 3D mattress ensure environmental sanitation.

3. Support: no matter the fat, thin waist and hips are the heaviest, if the support capacity of the mattress is not enough, the waist and buttocks will be excessively depressed, which will easily cause deformation of the spine. 80% of modern people have back pain and lumbar disease, 3D mattress can make a mattress support point to 1.4 million such magical effect, completely fit your body without sinking.

4. Closeness: the human spine is an anti-"S" shape, if the mattress is not close to the body, it will let some parts of the body hang, easily lead to deformation of the spine, severe cases will suffer from lumbar disc herniation, psoas Lumbar disease such as strain and bone hyperplasia. The 3D mattress is designed according to the seven areas of ergonomics. The curve conforming to the human body fits perfectly with your body, hard but not stiff, soft and not collapsed, and protects the spine of the human body.

I believe that with the above considerations, everyone will be more and more confused when they choose to buy sandwich mattress fabrics.

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